Sunday, August 2, 2020

Separation of School and State

From Charles Coulombe at Crisis:
It is not as though numerous institutes and think tanks have not been warning us about the dumbing-down of American education. As early as 1955, Rudolf Flesch wrote his Why Johnny Can’t Read—And What You Can Do About It. Not only was diminution of basic skills not addressed, but, starting in the late Sixties, education acquired a malicious ideological intent. After spending twelve years learning very little, the average student goes to college, takes sufficient remedial math and reading classes to keep up (or not), and then is ripe for the ideological pixie dust his professors want to drop on him. The results of this is what we have been seeing for weeks now, and shall doubtless continue to see, unless or until governments restore order or a bloody reaction does it for them.
The question then arises, “How does one reform such a rotten system?” The most immediately attractive idea is simply to shut down all universities and colleges, and send their Marxist (and other) ideological faculty to work in the fields, even as those hapless oldsters fantasized doing with their own professors during the Cultural Revolution, at the time that Mao’s Little Red Book was the ultimate fashion statement. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

Young minds usually resist knowledge, information, trends and ideologies of their parents so that, in itself, makes them ripe for new and often contradicting ideologies from sources that mold them into antithical iconoclasts.

elena maria vidal said...

Exactly. Our schools have become places for massive Marxist-Leninist brainwashing.