Thursday, May 21, 2020

Beauty Eras Worth Studying

From Vogue:
Hairstyles among French women in the 18th century were big, colorful, and creative—and Marie Antoinette’s wigs, created by her hairdresser Léonard Autié, ushered in a trend for ostentatious hair that is fascinating to look at and read. Women used their wigs to communicate messages of political allegiances, marital status, and mood. One of the most famous examples of this is à la Belle Poule, which was the trend for wearing model ships in the hair to show support for French naval battles taking place at the time. People also dressed their hair with live birds in cages, urns with their loved one’s ashes, and vases of fresh flowers in water. Hairstyles provided women with a way of communicating in an era when they didn’t have a voice and their opinions weren’t welcome. However, they were also a prime example of conspicuous consumption and showcasing wealth. The bigger and more elaborate your hairstyle, the richer you were and the less involved with any sense of normal life you were—this wasn’t hair for looking after children or working a job. (Read more.)

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