Monday, April 13, 2020

For Urban Gardeners in Tight Spaces

From Curbed:
Gardeners who take a look at what’s growing in their backyard (or, in the case of city dwellers, on their windowsills and even fire escapes), can clearly see that the idea of gardening has evolved. While the hobby is as popular as ever, the days of blooming perennials, roses, and white picket fences have faded.
What we’re growing is different. Today, 1 in 3 households grow some of their own food, the largest number seen in a decade. And it’s not just a resurgence seen in the older demographics that typically fill up home and garden stores on the weekends. The number of millennial growers and gardeners has exploded; from 2008 to 2013, participation from this age group surged 63 percent.
“Time is ripe for people to disrupt this industry,” says Cameron MacKugler, CEO and founder of Seedsheet, a plantable sheet embedded with seeds for easy growing. “The leading consumer is still a 55-year-old woman. Not enough companies are switching to address the urban millennial.”
Urban dwellers are increasingly looking for smart solutions, from window boxes to large-scale urban farming options such as Brooklyn Grange. Growing networks of community gardens and online resources (see the wildly successful Urban Gardeners Republic group) suggest gardening media has grown well beyond glossy mags near the supermarket checkout. Simply put, urban gardening is hot. To help city or apartment dwellers with little to no outdoor space, we’ve compiled the best products and tips for gardening in small spaces. (Read more.)

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