Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Was Pius V Right to Excommunicate Elizabeth I?

Yes, St. Pius most certainly was right to excommunicate Elizabeth. The bull Regnans in Excelsis of February 25, 1570 drew a line in the sand for English Catholics, so they knew exactly where they stood. Here is an article from the Catholic Herald which is riddled with errors, especially concerning Mary Queen of Scots.  Mary Stuart had three, not four husbands. Mary's first husband was Francis II of France. Her second husband was her cousin Henry Lord Darnley, who was not a King of Scotland; he was a king consort but Mary refused to give him the crown matrimonial. He betrayed her in numerous ways and although she was blamed for his murder, she was innocent of any connivance in it, according to several reputable biographies by Antonia Fraser, John Guy, Alison Weir, and Kate Williams. Mary's third husband was James Hepburn, Lord Bothwell, who forced Mary to be his wife by kidnapping, raping and impregnating her. Mary sought to have the marriage annulled as soon as possible. She later contemplated marriage to the Duke of Norfolk but would never have given up her faith to do so. If Mary would not give up her faith for the crowns of Scotland or England, she certainly would not have given it up for Norfolk.

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