Monday, March 16, 2020

Schumer, The Price Is Already Being Paid

From Reclaiming Our Children:
The truth is the price has already been paid, but not by the Supreme Court justices. The price has been paid by countless women physically harmed by the abortion industry. Although cloaked by availability of accurate statistics, the denial of abortions harm and many times the secrecy and shame of those who have experienced abortion, countless numbers of women are paying a steep price. 
For the past twenty years I have been working with women hurt by abortion. I have also experienced abortion. Some unfortunately were never able to have other children. Women are also at risk of a host of physical complications such as a perforated uterus, infection, incomplete abortion and organ damage to name just a few, and this does not even take in to account the psychological aspect. Depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and at times even suicide. 
Sure, there are women who say they are fine, do not regret and are even grateful for their abortions. So be it, but does that mean the availability of medical care in the event of an emergency should be denied to someone who may need it? This case has nothing to do with the legality of abortion. If anything, this court case shows what many of us who have experienced abortion found out the hard way to be true, abortion is not about the health care of women or their safety, it is about big business. 
New York’s Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood has hospitalized 13 women in the past year. As recently as February 7th a woman was taken out on a gurney to a waiting ambulance, and yet all Schumer and those protesting can think about is access to abortion. Where is their outrage concerning these women? (Read more.)

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