Tuesday, March 17, 2020

America, the Northern Kingdom

From Crisis:
This is the first way that we can perceive the comparison between the northern kingdom and America. Like the first Israelites, early Americans felt a call to establish a “city upon a hill,” and foster a nation that would honor the laws of God. For many generations, most Americans believed their nation to be a Christian one, and promoted laws that communicated Christian truths and prioritized Christian morality. Yet in recent generations that Christian consensus has been eroded, and new competing allegiances, one might even say religions, have taken hold. Secular elites in our nation’s political, educational, and media institutions have promulgated the religion of the autonomous self, the religion of consumerism and materialism, and the religion of sexual gratification. All of these have disassociated Americans not only from God but from each other, as we, untethered from religious, familial, and civic bonds, pursue our pleasures and passions. (Read more.)

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