Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Guillotine: A New Democrat Symbol

You've got to be kidding. From The Blaze:
Bre Kidman unveiled a new campaign logo last week: a guillitone, the execution apparatus commonly associated with the French Revolution that was used for the beheadings of King Louis XVI and his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. But fear not, Kidman, who hopes to challenge Republican Sen. Susan Collins in November, says using an image of the deadly device in campaign materials is not meant to be taken literally.

"We're not going to start a guillotine in Monument Square (in Portland) and start beheading people," Kidman clarified to the Portland Press-Herald. "It's a symbol of the work we have to do to overcome flaws in our system – flaws that have become deeply evident in the last few weeks." (Read more.)


May said...

How disgusting. Whatever spin they put on it there is no good reason to be using this gruesome symbol.

elena maria vidal said...

Some people have gone off the edge of reason

julygirl said...

They do not even realize that they used this symbol of death because they unabashedly believe they have the power over life and death even as they believe they can decide gender or stop climate changes.