Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Father Heilman on Supporting President Trump

From Roman Catholic Man:
Once he emerged as the Republican candidate, I moved into “anybody but Hillary” mode. Yes, I am a staunch pro-lifer, so anyone advocating killing children is a horror to me. But, it was even more than that. I had become more acutely aware of a “ruling class” who were diametrically opposed to virtually anything that smacked of biblical virtues, morals and values. Over the past few decades, every major institution has been captured by this radical secular left ruling class. The media, Hollywood, TV, universities, public schools, theater, the arts, literature — they relentlessly promote the false gods of sexual hedonism and radical individualism.

Left unchecked, I knew that Godly people would soon be forced to support more and more of their ungodly agendas. Moreover, I was on to their game of claiming to be champions for the poor when, in reality, they had done everything within their power to sustain widespread poverty in order to maintain a dependent voter base.

In my mind, I knew that many recent Republicans had become full fledged members of the ruling class. They put on the facade of conservatism, and would do enough to placate their voter base, but it was easy to see that they possessed most of the worldly values of the cultural elites. Hence, for example, little or nothing was done to overturn the culture of death.

This is why, early on, I began to see we had a “fighter” in the Whitehouse. I knew he came from the New York bubble, but it was plain to see that he had come out to meet us, and he was changed. He saw the great evil of the ruling class – the swamp – and he was determined to drain it. I want my country back! And, I knew the compromises of the recent reign of RINOs (Republican In Name Only) were only aiding and abetting the enemy. We need, not so much of a highfalutin, puffed-up, aristocrat – or even a saint – but a street fighter. Babies are dying, morals are corroding, love of country is fading … THIS IS A JUST WAR!

It wasn’t just this article by Blaise Joseph, Is Donald Trump the New Constantine? (please read it, when you get a chance), but this monumental article entitled, He Fights (below) that helped me understand just how necessary a Donald Trump is at this point in history. I have to admit, over 40,000 of us prayed the Novena for Our Nation, in the days leading up to the 2016 election, and I wondered what God had in mind with a Trump presidency. I soon realized we did not receive a pope or a saint, but a fighter who, like Constantine, is opening the way for Christianity to flourish.

Please, please, please read this amazing article (below) by Evan Sayet …(Read more.)

From Return to Order:
The vitriol of the left is directed toward something that the President represents, not so much who he is or what he has done. Those opposing him do so because he represents something they find so incompatible that they are willing to risk all to eliminate it from the political scene. This same motivation extends outside Congress to the liberal establishment and Hollywood/Silicon Valley false elites that now clamor for his removal. They are not impeaching a man but a vision of America. It is so important it cannot wait. It must be done now.

The President Does Not Represent the Pseudo-Narrative Prepared for Him

The second observation is that the left and the media have prepared a false narrative into which they have tried to shoehorn the President and the 63 million voters who elected him. According to this false narrative, President Trump represents a resentful and declining demographic of white voters who hate other racial groups, minorities, women and immigrants. They frame the debate in classical Marxist class struggle dialectics as a case of those desiring to stay in power against those whom they oppress. (Read more.)

From Dr. Seb Gorka:
President Trump has been consistently and diligently focused on the single biggest threat in the Middle East: Iran. President Trump, as Doran says, seeks to avoid the miserable mistakes made by his two predecessors, avoiding the miscalculations of Iran by Bush and the open-armed embracement of Iran by Obama. Instead, he is focusing on the most difficult, yet most rewarding, course of action against this rouge state: Coalition building.

By reaching out equally to such vastly different nations as Israel, Saudia Arabia, and Turkey, President Trump is engaging in work that, while not “glamorous or inspiring,” could very well do more to effectively deal with Iran and provide American foreign policy with a much-needed “steely-eyed realism” than any other approach in recent memory.

Another expert on foreign policy is the Heritage Foundation’s Jim Carafano, who has written at great length about international affairs and the Trump Administration’s new policies. In one particular piece, Carafano argues that perhaps the greatest strength of the Trump Doctrine is the President’s leading by example, in a manner that ultimately “sell[s] Trumpism to the world.” Just as President Trump focuses on “America First,” so too can other countries choose to put their own interests first rather than serve a broader globalist order. Carafano writes that through this approach, it may be possible to find a “sweet spot where our goals and those of our partner countries converge,” rather than simply dictate our policies to others. (Read more.)

Meanwhile, there are enemies within and without. From The Federalist:
We know Shiite Muslims from Lebanon have been recruited and trained to live in American cities as sleeper agents of Hezbollah’s so-called clandestine External Security Organization (ESO), known colloquially as Unit 910, because agents have been prosecuted over the years, leaving behind detailed public records. The most current source of public information about Unit 910 in America comes from two federal prosecutions that resulted in 2019 convictions, one of Ali Kourani in the Bronx, New York, and the other of Samer El Debek in Dearborn, Michigan.

These Lebanese immigrant terrorist spies were routinely sent home to train in weapons, spycraft, and killing on American soil as soon as they were eligible for useful U.S. citizenship and passports. Their main purpose from about 2007 until their 2017 arrests was to pose in plain sight as normal immigrant family men while they collected weapons and built target lists for when they were activated to strike, court records show. (Read more.)

Traitors within. From The American Spectator:
In a recent interview with the American Enterprise Institute, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated flatly that former officials of the Obama administration are continuing to meet with Iranian leaders in an effort to undermine President Trump’s Iran policies. 
“I’ll be straight up with you,” Pompeo said, “you have folks who served in the previous administration who are telling the Iranian leaders today, ‘Just hang on. President Trump will lose in the election in November, and we’ll go back to appeasement. America will write you a big check, we’ll underwrite your terror campaign around the world, we’ll give you a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon system. Just wait until the Trump administration is finished.’” 
As cited in the AEI interview, this is not the first time that Pompeo has raised this spectre. In September 2018, he specifically criticized former Secretary of State John Kerry, for “actively undermining” U.S. Middle East policy by engaging in secret talks with Iran’s foreign minister in which Kerry advised “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism” to “wait out” the Trump administration. According to the AEI, Pompeo’s criticism was confirmed by Iran’s Fars News agency which reported in May 2018 that private citizen Kerry had conferred with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in an attempt to salvage the nuclear deal. (Read more.) 

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This post is absolutely inspired amd truthfully necessary for the right understanding for responsibly responding as a Christian in this world as citizen and voter and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Would that this spread across the airways instead of the endless tripe. God bless you. I thank you for it has deeply confirmed so many of my own fights to choose wisely.