Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Trigger Warnings for Fairy Tales?

From The Daily Mail:
University students have been given 'trigger warnings' about potentially upsetting scenes in classic fairytales. Lecturers admitted students were cautioned about 'violent material' contained in the famous children's stories by the Brothers Grimm. Their tales include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. So-called 'trigger warnings' are part of a growing trend which sees undergraduates warned about content they could find disturbing. Last night Dr Stuart Waiton, a senior sociology lecturer at Abertay University in Dundee, said that 'the more we make trigger warnings the norm, the more we risk infantilising these adults'. Glasgow University gave details of a course it runs in modern languages and cultures in response to a freedom of information request. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

The generation of the 30's and 40's have been called The Greatest Generation", but we must look at what formed them and strengthened them....wars, ecological disasters, economic disasters and being reared by parents who themselves grew tough by living through tough times.