Friday, November 1, 2019

Fairfax County, Virginia

From The American Thinker:
My home county of Fairfax, Virginia was once a safe suburban area with some of the best performing public schools in the nation. It's now a blinking warning sign to America as it hangs on the edge of complete disaster thanks to unchecked immigration and Democrat takeover of the government. Even with the high concentration of government workers, Fairfax County was once a Republican bastion before it became a political battleground. The Bush/Cheney ticket won the county in a close race in 2000 and then lost it badly in 2004 due to a significant increase in Democrat votes. 
Fairfax's descent into its current state started with a wave immigration, much of it illegal, into the area which washed away Republican political viability. Fairfax County became a nullification (sanctuary) county in 2018 and now puts a significant chunk of money into its budget to defend noncitizens from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, although the problem started long before that. By 2015, 30% of the county was foreign-born. MI-13, a brutal criminal gang, is now more active than ever, and the once marquee schools have started what will be a long slide through mediocrity to abysmal. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

When I lived in Fairfax County Virginia in the early 2000's it was a wonderful place to live, but I could see the beginnings of a criminal element emerging from south of the border. However I am quick to add that there are many good hard working families who are legal immigrants residing in the area. At the time Prince William County Virginia had the highest rate of Hispanic immigrants in the Eastern U.S. because of the abundance of jobs in construction, but it seems Fairfax County is edging in on that. It is sad that the criminal element such as M16 gangs sullies the otherwise good people who have made their homes here.