Friday, November 29, 2019

America’s Deteriorating Social Standards

From Conservative Choice Campaign:
When we look objectively at America’s deteriorating social standards, the collapse of our once renowned Liberal Colleges into socialist indoctrination centers, the ridiculing of our Judeo-Christian theories and philosophies, then the implementation of that Marxist theory by the Democrat Party cannot be denied and certainly not that far away. Trump’s election stopped it for now.  

To manipulate the emotions of the people and deny them their choices of free will based on religion, common sense, or even the Constitution, as we see happening on our streets, in our businesses and schools, proves it beyond doubt. Schiff’s phony Impeachment hearings proves that the Democrat (Socialist) Party is up to their neck in political machinations to make America Socialist. Of course, a Socialist America plays into the hands of the New World Order crowd who don’t care what a government calls itself so long as the financial mechanisms of their government flow through the hands of the worlds international bankers, the real “elites.” 

We instinctively know that what we are seeing isn’t right. The commotion over Schiff’s inquisition is barely nonexistent except in Adam Schiff’s tiny little brain and CNN. He has put on full display the weakness of his party’s socialist ‘due process’ theories already discredited by years of its application in Russia, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba and Venezuela. (Read more.)

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