Saturday, September 7, 2019

U. S. Detention Centers and Odious Comparisons to the Nazis

My grandfather spent three years in a Japanese concentration camp and nothing makes my blood boil more than to have his near-fatal experience trivialized by the Left. From The Christian Review:
It’s now commonplace for teachers and TV talking-heads to compare our detention centers on the Southern border to the Japanese internment camps of WWII and the Nazi concentration camps.

A typical headline reads, ‘AOC was right to compare Trump’s border internment camps to concentration camps’ (NBC June 19, 2019). Was no one at NBC News embarrassed? Did no one cringe? Did not one say, ‘We can’t print that!’ Evidently not. Commenting on such an odious comparison feels like I am explaining why 1+1=2. But for those who don’t know the difference between US detention centers and both the Nazi concentration camps and Japanese internment centers, I will explain.
Point #1 – Those presently housed in border detention centers are there voluntarily: They can always go back to whatever country they came from.
Point #2 – The US is not committing genocide: 11 million persons were deliberately killed in the Nazi camps including two million-plus Catholics in addition to the Jews, gypsies, and others considered undesirable.
Point #3 – The immigrants are not being starved, subjected to forced labor, or used for medical experimentation, all a routine part of the Holocaust tragedy.
Point #4 –  Immigrants to the US are fed, clothed, housed, and given access to medical care, education, and recreation and free legal advice.
Point #5 – The unfortunate ‘caging’ of children done during the Obama administration was put to an end by the Trump administration.
Point #6 – Those who make such odious and unfounded comparisons trivialize the lives of the millions who suffered and died under the Third Reich.
Point #7 – Teachers and talking heads who make these comparisons are attempting to make Americans believe that our country is no better than Nazi Germany.
Point #8 – The media drumbeat behind these comparisons is intended to make President Trump look like Hitler and the Democrats like those soldiers who landed on Normandy Beach on D-Day.
Point #9 – The more accurate comparison to make is between how all dictators rigorously controlled news services and how mainstream media is now controlled by Alt-Left Democrats. Why else would the New York Times quickly change a headline that cast Trump in a positive light!
Point #10 – Where there is no genocide, no deliberate starvation, no torture, no medical experimentation, no forced labor it’s not possible to compare the Nazi holocaust to other types of restricted zones where people are housed temporarily. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

The U.S. has been guilty of some wrongs and mistakes over its history. However, it has also played an heroic role throughout the world by countless acts and deeds even causing injury and death to huge numbers or our military and civilian citizens. Why would any American want to diminish our Country's reputation in order to destroy a President? They accuse our President of mental illness when there is an epidemic of mental instability in all areas of media with the purpose of bringing down the Presidency. Just vote him out....that is the way of our Democracy! If one is unhappy with an elected public him or her out of office. Don't tear down our Country's reputation. However, there is more than 'meets the eye' in this campaign against the President. There is actually a goal to tear down our American way of life and substitute it with a form of government that has proven historically to be disastrous. While we are sitting around complaining about the skewing of facts by the "Resistance", they are forging ahead with a destructive war of words....proving 'the pen is mightier than the sword'.