Thursday, August 8, 2019

Yet Another Indictment Of Abortion Culture

From The Federalist:
Women’s Health magazine has done important reporting on this. In an article titled, “Death by Pregnancy: Why are so Many Moms to be Dying?” they lay out some incredibly disturbing evidence. The main cause for the high death rate wasn’t a health issue like hypertension (as dangerous as issues like that are, especially for poor women). The main cause of death for pregnant women was found to be murder.

The first evidence for this terrible state of affairs came in 2001, when Isabelle Horon and Diana Cheng of the Maryland Department of Health did a study of deaths of pregnant women and published it in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association. They found that most of these pregnant women who died were in fact being killed: “Shot. Strangled. Beaten to death. By husbands, boyfriends, lovers. By the fathers of their unborn children.”

“Unborn children.” It’s an interesting term to use for a magazine so supportive of abortion rights. In this article, for instance, they laud the sign of an abortion-rights activist that read, “Hoes Before Embryos.” (Read more.)

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