Monday, August 26, 2019

Too Much Is At Stake

From Life Site:
In almost every subject, students are being fed the lie, sometimes subtly and sometimes not, that there is no God. Mother Miriam quotes Get out Now: “The case of Atheism in school has produced the most godless generation in history. Moral relativism has left more than 2/3 of people without a belief in truth and objective right and wrong.”

In addition to the terrible curricula being taught in schools, Mother emphasizes the mentality that modern schools instill in children. Mother again quotes Get out Now: “We are left with a system designed to turn the hearts and minds of the children away from God.”

Mother calls on all parents to bring their children home. She encourages parents of all education, income, and social levels to homeschool their children. She highlights the common claim that homeschooling isn’t for everybody. She again challenges parents, saying it is not only possible, but necessary, for everyone to homeschool their children: “Too much is at stake. You don’t get a do-over on childhood.”

Even if you think your children are a witness in public schools, it isn’t worth it. Mother quotes Rob Dreher’s commentary on Get out Now:

“The culture war is over in most public schools and our side lost...[this book] should be a game changer for conservative parents, especially religious believers under the outdated illusion that their kids can be salt and light in such hostile deserts.” (Read more.)

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