Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The Shooters

It seems the most recent maniacal murderers have been of a Leftist rather than an extreme Right persuasion, in spite of what the mainstream media says. From Dr. Gorka:
It should come as no surprise that the FakeNews Industrial Complex has already pounced on the latest mass shooting for political purposes. Already there has been a flurry of cries from pundits and presidential candidates alike insisting that this shooting was somehow caused by President Trump and his rhetoric, and that this is allegedly further proof that our President is stoking racial division. 
But once again, the media is ignoring an inconvenient little thing called the Truth. A so-called “manifesto,” which investigators say they are “reasonably confident” was written by the shooter, is already available online. While the normal course of action would be to completely shun this garbage to avoid giving him attention, his words must be analyzed for the explicit purpose of debunking this fake narrative that this shooting is somehow a Republican problem, or caused by President Trump, or otherwise to be blamed exclusively on the Right. 
Of course, the manifesto bleeds with outright racist language as he describes a “Hispanic invasion of Texas,” and a “cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.” However, within the text, the shooter makes several comments that reveal his true political identity. 
First, the shooter expresses his disdain for both major parties; he decries the Democrats’ open-borders policies while also declaring that “the Republican Party is also terrible,” since the GOP, he says, is “pro-corporation,” and “pro-corporation = pro-immigration.” 
The section of his manifesto entitled “Economic Reasons” is by far the most shocking part, in terms of directly contradicting the media spin that this shooter was somehow far-right. He explicitly expresses his support for “a basic universal income,” which he says is the only thing that can “prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest.” He then goes on to support “ambitious social projects like universal healthcare.” Later, he claims that the American lifestyle “is destroying the environment of our country,” and that “the decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations.” 
So clearly this killer supports some of the most openly socialist policies in American political discourse today, including universal income, socialized medicine, and a belief in “global warming.” Yet, according to the media, he is somehow just another “far-right” shooter who has been motivated by President Trump. (Read more.)

From The Hawaii Reporter:
These are hardly the words of a Capitalist, a Conservative, a Libertarian, or a devotee of the President’s. In fact, these are the words of the Ocasio-Cortez Left; the Progressive-Fascist Left. So it is that once again the mainstream media is executing ideological and political dishonesty in its overt activism. Where they are making Crusius sound like a Trump supporter, he is actually a supporter of the fringe Left, although one could hardly deduce that from their coverage.

Then we have the international one-world, Progressive-Fascist disingenuousness. Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, as much as said his government was going to hold the United States legally responsible for the endangerment of Mexican nationals in El Paso. (Read more.)

From David J. Harris:
The Dayton shooter, who will be nameless and featureless, was known to wear clothing with Satanic patches on it. According to the Ohio Board of Elections website, he is a registered Democrat, just like the El Paso shooter. So, does this mean that the Democrats have blood on their hands? Especially in the case of the El Paso shooter. He was angry about the mass illegal migration. And since you can lay that at the feet of the Democrats, why are they not to blame? Well, because when someone does evil, they are solely responsible for what they do. (Read more.) 

From Red State:
 This is probably something CNN won’t be sharing with its audience, but there’s some pretty striking news on the shooter who perpetrated the Dayton, OH shooting, which followed an equally tragic shooting in El Paso, TX by what appears to be a white supremacist. Heavy.com got access to the shooter’s social media. Contrary to the media narrative currently boiling over, this shooter was not a Trump fan. In fact, he hated Trump, hated Republicans, was an avowed leftist, used antifa style language in his posts, and loved Elizabeth Warren. (Read more.)

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