Monday, August 5, 2019

Freedom Isn’t Free

From Andrew Klavan at the Daily Wire:
That's the whole problem with the Left and with leftism; every free thing they offer you costs you not only money, it costs you liberty. If the government can take your money and give it to someone else, they own and control your time and labor. If they can regulate every aspect of your life, they can pass laws without your consent. If the government runs health care, they get to decide how you treat yourself and ultimately who lives and who dies. If they can outlaw certain kinds of speech, as "hate speech" or as a campaign finance violation, they decide who you are and what you think. Every insult they throw at us is meant to distract us from this one important point. 
Racism, Islamophobia, climate denial, every single slur they hit us with is meant to take our minds off our real concern because it's not racist to oppose humongous government entitlements. It's a defense of liberty. It's not phobic to question restrictive tenets of a religion. It's a defense of liberty. And it's not some kind of thought crime to question whether more government power is going to do one damn thing to help whatever troubles the climate might have. 
We're fighting for our liberty. Too often we on the Right get all wonky and practical about our ideas when we point out the Democrat programs don't work. They don't. But even if they did, they take our liberty. We point out that capitalism beats socialism. It does. But more important, capitalism supports and incentivizes liberty. We point out that identity politics is bigotry in disguise. It is and it's not much of a disguise. If you ask me. (Read more.)

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