Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2020 Dem Presidential Hopefuls Vote to Block Newborn Care

And people wonder why our culture has become so murderous. From The Washington Free Beacon:
Every senator seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination voted to deny care to newborns who survive abortion. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), Cory Booker (D., N.J.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.), Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.), and Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) all voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act on Monday evening. Their votes put them at odds with not just the general public, but Democratic voters. A vast majority of voters, including those who identify as pro-choice, support providing care to newborns who survive abortion; 70 percent of Democrats, 75 percent of independents, and 86 percent of Republicans back the policy, according to the McLaughlin & Associates poll commissioned by the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List.
The bill would have required doctors to provide care for infants who survive late term abortions, rather than letting those born alive die on the table. A 2016 study posted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that 60 percent of babies born at 22 weeks gestation—what is commonly seen as the borderline of viability—were able to survive when they received "active care" from doctors. Pro-life activists say they plan to make the vote a centerpiece of the 2020 campaign. Terry Schilling, executive director of the American Principles project, said the vote cleared up the party's abortion ideology, moving the needle far beyond the "safe, legal, and rare" rhetoric once championed by Bill Clinton.
"Their refusal to protect the lives of newborn babies ought in any sane political climate to immediately disqualify them not only from the White House but also from holding political office altogether," he said. "By standing with radical pro-abortion activists and against the majority of Americans, Democrats have handed President Trump a significant advantage heading into 2020."
The Trump administration supported the bill. It released a policy statement ahead of the vote, saying the legislation would "prevent infanticide" and "ensure that the life of one baby is not treated as being more or less valuable than another." (Read more.)

From The Conservative Review:
Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin broke down the real takeaway from the Democratic debates Wednesday night. “What they’re calling for, what they’re supporting, with the media’s help, would be rejected completely by the Founding Fathers. Now what’s going on here? Health care for all, health care for illegal aliens, decriminalize the border, guaranteed minimum income, guaranteed jobs. We are totally unmoored from limited government and our constitutional system. This is exactly why I’m a supporter of Convention of States and Article V.”

Levin reminded listeners that the modern Democratic ideology, utopianism, is exactly what he outlined in his 2012 book, “Ameritopia.” He read from the book to describe utopianism. “‘It strips the individual of his uniqueness, making him indistinguishable from the multitudes that form what is commonly referred to as “the masses.” But it simultaneously assigns him a group identity based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, income, etc., to highlight differences within the masses. It then exacerbates old rivalries and disputes, or it incites new ones. This way, it can speak to the well-being of “the people” as a whole, while dividing them against themselves,'” Levin read. “… Does that not define what we’re going through right now?” (Read more.)

A bishop speaks out, HERE.

And the Dems are not any better on economic issues. From Bloomberg:
To the extent they have talked about the economy at all during the debates, the Democrats have tried to tell Americans that they are actually miserable. Senator Kamala Harris of California ripped into Trump for pointing out the growth of the stock market since he took office: “Well, that’s fine if you own stocks. So many families in America do not. You ask him, how are you measuring the greatness of this economy of yours? And they point to the jobless numbers and the unemployment numbers. Well, yeah, people in America are working. They’re working two and three jobs. So when we talk about jobs, let’s be really clear. In our America, no one should have to work more than one job to have a roof over their head and food on the table.” 
This line of attack fails on two counts. First, the unemployment rate is a better indicator of the strength of the economy than how many Americans work multiple jobs. Second, today only 5.2% of employed Americans work more than one job, a proportion that has slightly fallen since the boom economy of the late 1990s. 
In Wednesday’s debate, Julián Castro, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, tried a different tack, moving from saying that the economy is not so great in one breath to crediting Barack Obama for its strength in the next. Bernie Sanders hit on his theme of “the massive level of income and wealth inequality in America” - which is the top issue for all of 2% of Americans. (Read more.)

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