Sunday, June 2, 2019

When You Can't Afford a Summer Vacation

From The New York Times:
Summer vacations can be expensive. A two-week trip to Yellowstone, Disney World or to a fancy resort can easily approach five figures for a family. Indeed, a survey by the Travel Industry Association of America released this month found that prices for airline tickets, fuel and lodging have risen a combined 7.1 percent since December. The association also said its affordability index, which measures perceptions of travel costs, fell 18.3 percent in the second quarter, showing there is a greater concern among consumers that travel has become expensive. 
Still, parents often have a hard time saying no to a grand summer vacation, even if they can't afford it. The children are young only once, parents figure, they really want to see Mickey Mouse, and credit cards make just about anything obtainable. So why shouldn't you? 
Well, don't. There are ways to afford a summer vacation when you can't afford a summer vacation, steering clear of both credit card debt and grandma. Travel experts say there are many strategies a family can use to have a memorable, but affordable vacation, and financial planners say there are ways to reduce a vacation's financial impact. (Read more.)

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