Sunday, June 16, 2019

Jackie on Fashion

Jackie could be such a snob. I find it rather hilarious. From InStyle:
Thanks to a new auction, we're all getting a peek into the private world of Jackie Kennedy and her relationship with fashion and designer Oleg Cassini. WWD reports that Cassini's estate, Oyster Bay, is headed to the auction block, which is how private letters between the former first lady and the designer have entered the public eye. In those notes, which are reported to be the biggest draw for the auction, Kennedy doesn't hold anything back, saying that the fashion press was vulgar and that she wanted one-of-a-kind pieces designed just for her. 
The Kennedy letters are part of a larger collection that includes a note written by Grace Kelly (pre-princess) and Cassini dresses. The estate also includes "photographs, tear sheets, notes, and instructions," and even drawings by Kennedy, all of which show that she was aware of her influence in the world of fashion and how people, the press included, saw her. 
"One reason I am so happy to be working with you is that I have some control over my fashion press, which has gotten so vulgarly out-of-hand. You realize that I know that I am so much more of fashion interest than other First Ladies," Kennedy wrote in one letter. (Read more.)

Meanwhile, there are plans to redecorate Air Force One. Share

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