Sunday, June 30, 2019


From Lynne's Travels:
Dubrovnik, originally called Ragusa, was founded in the 7th century, as a refuge for coastal residents - fleeing the advancing barbarians; and from its beginnings, it was protected by defensive walls.  Nowadays, it is famous for being a distinctive medieval town, encircled with these massive stone walls.  As part of a tour of the Dalmatian Coast, I was lucky enough to spend 2 days there and it was my favourite part of the trip. I knew it would be busy (that is an understatement); the City has stopped 25% of cruise ships coming this year, but that still meant up to 4 ships could call every day, bringing thousands of visitors to flood the city, for some or all of the day. I started my first day bright and early, catching a local bus into the town; you can either buy a ticket at one of the countless shops or kiosks for 12KN or get one on the bus for 15KN.  All buses stop by Pile Gate, the main entrance to the town. This is where you will find the Tourist Information Office and is the meeting point for many of the guided tours, walking tours, and coach trips. (Read more.)

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