Wednesday, June 19, 2019

America's First Third World State

From The Daily Caller:
Responding to host Tucker Carlson’s question about why he considers California a “Third World state,” Hanson pointed to “symptoms” we typically “associate with failed states” such as high taxes, poor schools, a super-rich class, and a significant percentage of its people below the poverty line. 
“We have the most billionaires of any state in nation and then we have the largest underclass,” he said, blaming in part the overturning of the “very popular” Proposition 187, which would have denied non-emergency healthcare to illegal immigrants. 
“That was unfortunately part of a perfect storm,” said Hanson, describing the millions of people who chose to move elsewhere over the next two decades. Hanson then described the growth of “a very small but influential and wealthy manorial class” in Silicon Valley. 
“We’ve created a very a wealthy class that doesn’t mind high taxes because it has ways it can navigate around that and poor social circumstances,” he said. “And the people in between are sort of like peasants outside a medieval keep that can’t survive, and so they drift off. We are left with a sort of romanticized indigent class and the royal elite that doesn’t care about the vanishing middle class at all.” (Read more.)

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