Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Architecture That Feeds the Soul

From Return to Order:
One of the delights of going to Holy Mass in a place which one has never before visited is the discovery of the church building itself. There is an inexpressible joy in walking into a traditionally decorated Catholic church for the first time. The Gothic architecture draws the eye heavenward. The stained glass fills the nave with a kind of unpredictable yet reassuring light. The colors are vivid and varied. The symbols of the faith are all about you. There are the heroes of the faith as the best artists in that area depicted them in glass, stone, wood, paint, and mosaic. The whole gives a marvelous sense of the richness of the faith. It is both obvious and mysterious. The images are larger than life, but at the same time one wonders exactly which saints are being shown, what the symbols mean, and why the people who sacrificed to build this building chose those particular saints and symbols. (Read more.)

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