Thursday, April 4, 2019

A Bitter War of Words

From Chronicles:
Political union in the E.U. could only ever be achieved, therefore, if imposed against the will of the people of Europe. But on a deeper level I am convinced that this war of words between the French and the Italians is not just between their governments but between their peoples.  To concede that there are differences between the French and the Italians, or between the citizens of any nation, is virtually verboten these days.  To “stereotype” national differences is almost as toxic as talking about the differences between men and women.
Let us not forget: The nation-state is the Devil Incarnate as far as the unholy alliance of global capitalists of the right and global liberals of the left is concerned.  To the former, it is an obstacle to profit; to the latter, the root of all evil. Given the takeover by this left-right global alliance of the vital organs of Western culture (which reminds me of the short-lived alliance between Nazi Germany and communist Russia in 1939), it is hardly surprising that the media coverage of the shouting match between the French and Italian governments has been a classic example of fake news.  The stock phrase in all the reporting is “after months of provocation by Rome.”  The real explanation, though, is pretty obvious.  Macron, an ex-merchant banker at Rothschild and minister in the last Socialist government, married to a woman old enough to be his mother with whom he has no children, is the perfect darling of the liberal elite.  He is perhaps their last hope in Europe.  As a result, the French are endlessly described by the media as the reasonable and right victims of the nasty and hysterical populist Italians. (Read more.)

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