Wednesday, February 13, 2019

“This is my Body”

From The Cordial Catholic:
As a Catholic, I believe that Jesus is really present in the Eucharistic elements. That is to say, I believe that through a genuine miracle, which happens at every Mass, the bread and the wine become Jesus’s real flesh and blood—while still appearing to be bread and wine (and that’s part of the miracle). Does this sound crazy? As a Protestant, I believed that the Lord’s Supper—Communion—was a memorial feast. It was a commemorative ceremony we celebrated as a church or small group of believers to remember Jesus’s once-and-for-all sacrifice. I also believed that when Jesus said, “This is my body,” he was speaking metaphorically and instead meant, “This represents my body.” But I changed my mind; I’ve come to believe differently. Jesus wasn’t instituting a mere memorial feast, He was giving us His real flesh and blood. Jesus wasn’t simply asking us to do something, once in a while, in memory of Him. He was giving us a gift. I went from believing that the bread and wine were symbols of Jesus’s sacrifice, to believing that the bread and wine were Jesus. When Jesus stood in front of his followers and said, “This is my body,” I’ve come to believe he meant it. (Read more.)

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