Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Socialism of AOC

From Return to Order:
The serious response to AOC is to take her seriously—very seriously. This is because she represents not only herself but a whole class of politicians of the left that will bring the nation to ruin. There are three reasons why her ideology must be opposed.

The first reason is that her ideas are very dangerous to the common good. Just because her persona is shallow does not mean that her ideas are harmless. Any serious response to AOC must separate the shallow persona from her toxic ideology. The superficial exterior only camouflages a philosophy that has brought untold misery to billions.

She is a socialist and proudly so. It must be remembered that socialism was the banner under which the Soviets enslaved nations. Hitler employed national socialism to wreak havoc upon the world. Repressive regimes in China, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela all invoke socialism. Efforts to “reinvent” socialism have always failed.

Socialism can never be an option for America no matter how it is packaged—be it democratic, communistic, Nordic, third way, nationalistic, Bolivarian, or “for the twenty-first century.” The notion of proudly marching under the banner of socialism, whatever the brand, must be very seriously, deliberately, and efficaciously opposed. (Read more.)

 From Angels of Truth:
First, like I said, the GND is not a proposal. It’s not a plan of action at all. She’s just throwing a wish-list of what she would want done with no actual way of doing it. If she worked in the private sector and showed this sort of “plan” that is actually impossible to accomplish to her boss, she’d be fired for incompetence.

Second, she’s been in office for only two months and she already thinks herself more important than anyone else. She’s already tasted SOME power and she’s drunk off of it.

Need I remind her that just three months ago, she herself was “shouting from the cheap seats” about what she wants? This is her first government position after working as a bartender in New York. How insulting is that to people who do not get elected to power? And this is the mentality I’m talking about. The mentality that the American people are worthless scum of the earth and the people in the government are gods in comparison.

Third, yeah, we’re saying it’s unrealistic, vague and doesn’t address “this little minute thing” (which, in this case, is the insignificant little matter of how exactly we’re going to pay for all of this without bankrupting the country, obliterating our economy and having the nation and its people descend into destitution. You know, the “minute” details).

The Green New Deal, as I thoroughly explained in my article covering it, is flat out impossible in a world that is not perfect. And in a world that is perfect, the Green New Deal is unnecessary. Socialism only works in two places: Hell, where they already have it and Heaven, where they don’t need it. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

She has inserted herself into the 'conversation' with ideas that have long been proven to be disastrous. She has not provided the ways in which to meet the requirements to put these ideas into action. I, for one, am sick of hearing about her and I wonder why the 'media' gives her so much attention.

Jeanne said...

More disasterously ridiculous socialist jargon from AOC. Sad:—-heres-why-thats-interesting/ar-BBUAsf9?ocid=spartanntp

elena maria vidal said...

I agree, Julygirl! Thanks, Jeanne!