Wednesday, January 9, 2019

When the State Comes After a Gender-Confused Child

From PJ Media:
Over on CrossPolitic, an anonymous author has published a piece detailing what happens when the State latches onto a confused child who claims to be a different gender. The piece is a troubling look at the horrible ramifications that come out of a situation like that and offers some wise counsel for Christians.
The article begins with the harrowing words, "This past year my 15-year-old niece decided that she was a boy." From there, the author describes how "the religious secular state came for my niece" after she attempted suicide.
The daughter of a single mother with a rotating door of boyfriends, the writer's niece suffered bullying at school and watched her mom deal with abusive men in her life. Sadly, the writer confesses, "My niece’s self-hate is evident. The dysfunction around her is obvious. She has never met a Christian other than my family, and we live a few states away. She is alone." (Read more.)

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