Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Transgender Athletes

From Activist Mommy:
There is a disturbance in the sports of far-left radical ideology. While the majority of feminists have been fighting for years to destroy the “patriarchy,” the perceived system of male dominance that has been keeping women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen for millennia, with the rise to prominence of confusing gender ideology, suddenly women find themselves trapped between continuing to defend women’s progress and defending men who want to surpass women in that progress.

Sports is, of course, the most notable playing field (no pun intended) where the oxymoron that is mainstream gender ideology is causing the most controversy. The general consensus among run-of-the-mill leftists is that men who want to be women ought to be treated just like women. But a growing number of feminists whose primary interest is the advancement and protection of women to have their own, man-free world are starting to speak out. Naturally, considering the overwhelming attitude among cultural Marxists is that transgender interests trump cisgender interests on the intersectional hierarchy, the majority of people will push all women, no matter how “oppressed,” aside to make room for a man who identifies as a woman. (Read more.)

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