Saturday, January 19, 2019

Robert Mueller and the Russia Collusion Delusion

From Dr. Gorka:
What evidence did the intelligence community have to rely on to initiate such investigations? According to the New York Times, the FBI launched a counterintelligence investigation based on the “dossier” compiled by former British MI6 operative, Christopher Steele. The details of this dossier were never fully vetted by the intelligence community and were accepted at face-value by most of the leaders of the Obama-era intelligence community. The Steele dossier asserted that Russian intelligence had compromising materials on Donald Trump that were of an embarrassing sexual nature. It concluded that the Russians were using this compromising material–kompromat—to blackmail Trump into being an agent of influence.
Yet, never once did the U.S. intelligence services independently verify these claims. And, for the record, the memo was commissioned by Trump’s Republican primary opponents in 2016. It was then disseminated to the office of virulent “Never-Trumper,” the now-deceased Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who, in turn, passed the dossier onto the James Comey-led FBI. In effect, the dossier was the poisoned source from which so many investigators used to justify investigating Donald J. Trump.
For his part, Christopher Steele had become a noted anti-Trump zealot–even offering to come on and work directly for the FBI after the Republican primary ended in a Trump victory. Steele’s British nationality should not be overlooked, either. An international thread has run throughout the murky Russian collusion-delusion “investigation” since its inception. Not only was former MI6 operative, Steele, involved, but, so too was an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer. (Read more.)

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