Saturday, January 19, 2019

Grown Men Are the Solution

From The National Review:
We are in the middle of an intense culture war focused around men, dominated at times by two kinds of men-as-victim narratives. On the populist right, you’ll get those voices — such as Tucker Carlson — who see these trends and rightly decry them, but then wrongly ascribe an immense share of the negative results of immense social, economic, and cultural changes to the malice or indifference of elites, with solutions wrongly centered around government action. 
Carlson has triggered a critical debate on the right, but then — just in time to remind us that well-meaning people from all sides of the political spectrum can propose solutions worse than the disease — along comes the American Psychological Association with its first-ever “Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men.” The APA sees the challenges facing young men and rightly seeks to overcome those challenges, but then diagnoses the wrong cause. As Stephanie Pappas notes on the APA website, the new guidelines conclude that “traditional masculinity — marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful.” 
The guidelines themselves argue that “traditional masculinity ideology” — defined as socializing boys toward “anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence” — has been shown to “limit males’ psychological development, constrain their behavior, result in gender role strain and gender role conflict,” and negatively influence mental and physical health. (Read more.)

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From The American Thinker:
The time has come for all good people to wake up to the long dormant virus of misandry – prejudice or contempt for males. It is lurking in our closets and under our beds and has proliferated and made itself glaringly public in a most obnoxious way. The Kavanaugh hearings exposed this virulent menace that has been hiding in plain sight when Senator Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, took the platform and in a no-holds-barred blast of venom and hate told the men of this country they need to "shut up and step up."

Amid a reaction of shock and awe, the cat was out of the bag, the genie out of the bottle, the Jack-in-the-Box sprung; she had just given a loud, strident voice to a vile temperament growing in this country. Misandry has been kept under wraps but proliferates more every day – women openly hating men. (Read more.)



Unknown said...

Well when today's men act immature and expect to be babied, it's not like this attitude comes in a vacuum. To quote the singer Lauren Hill "they need to quit acting like boys and be men."

I saw a female acquaintance,of,mine filling out a job application for a long time male friend of hers. Sorry but if someone cannot fill out a job application for themselves, why should an employer hire them?

julygirl said...

I am happy to say, and blessed, that the men in our family, brothers, husbands, sons, sons-in-law, as well as co-workers & neighbors, although not perfect, are virtuous, honorable and dependable, to the best of their abilities. Society has placed great burdens and expectations on men not to mention what men hold each other to, and I believe the men who have fallen victim to the "me too" finger pointing are the exception.