Saturday, January 5, 2019

Educating Nancy

From I Love My Freedom:
Last week, Felipe Alonzo-Gomez died in U.S. custody after his father dangerously forced him to embark on a long journey from Mexico to the U.S. and then refused medical attention from American officials. In response to Alonzo-Gomez’s death — which likely could have been prevented if his father had accepted medical treatment — Pelosi slammed ICE and federal immigration officials. 
Homan explained why he was so frustrated with Pelosi and brought the data to prove how wrong Pelosi is on the issue. “She is 100 percent wrong, so let me educate Ms. Pelosi. As far as crime coming across the border, ICE arrested 138,000 criminals last year. These are people that entered the country illegally and committed a crime against a citizen of this country,” he began. 
He added: “Over 2,000 homicides, over 11,000 weapons violations, over 11,000, almost 12,000 sexual assault crimes and sexual crimes. So crime does come across that border. The didn’t just miraculously appear in the United States. They entered the country illegally.” Homan said that also applies to migrants bringing diseases across the border, noting that ICE screens for TB, chicken pox, measles, lice, and other diseases. 
“I remember a case two years ago where a man had a strain of TB we couldn’t even treat,” Homan said. “We had to work with the CDC, the Texas Department of Health to try to find a way to treat this gentleman so we kept him locked up for months at great taxpayer expense.” Homan also encouraged Pelosi to examine the data for ICE arresting MS-13 gang members and fentanyl-laced drug confiscations. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

Many illegals are picked up in my area of the country, (and this is probably true for other areas), for driving without a license, even driving big rigs without a license and proper training. So what this says is that American businesses are 'aiding and abetting' illegal immigrants.