Monday, December 31, 2018

Human History and the Birth of Christ

From Life Site:
It has been argued by not a few individuals that the defeat of Germany during World War II and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 meant any governing philosophy not named liberal democracy was destined for what Ronald Reagan once called “the ash heap of history.” 
The past twenty or so years has proven that theory false. The rise of Islamism, democracy’s devolution into despotism via a Deep State that spans multiple continents, and liberalism’s increasing hostility towards religion suggests the convulsions mankind experienced in the 1900s have not yet come to an end. 
Furthermore, the resurgence of anti-globalist, some might say anti-liberal, attitudes currently sweeping Europe indicate Christians are no longer willing to sit idly by as their heritage is torn apart under the guise of tolerance. 
Essential to a proper understanding of human events is the recognition of the social ramifications of the birth of Jesus Christ. As Pope Pius XII once remarked, “it is impossible for anyone to expound fully and impartially the history of events and institutions without the light of Christ and His Church shining clearly forth in superhuman brightness.” 
In the 21st century, partisans of liberalism, in an attempt to accomplish what their Communist forefathers could not — namely, eradicate from existence the Catholic faith — will often assert that supporting same-sex ‘marriage’, promoting transgender ‘rights’, expanding abortion, and the like, places oneself on “the right side of history.” 
No doubt many persons in our agnostic age fall prey to the sort of moral superiority the high-sounding claim of being on “the right side of history” brings with it. But the inconvenient truth for those who have succumbed to this fairy tale is that to place oneself on “the right side of history” means placing oneself on the side of Jesus Christ. (Read more.)

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