Saturday, December 22, 2018

Cost of the Wall

From One News Now:
Both Pelosi and Schumer agreed with Lowey’s contention that investing $5 billion on the wall was a “waste of resources.”

However, after looking at statistics, allowing illegal immigrants to continue to invade the U.S. by breaching the border and using up taxpayer-funded resources was found to be many times more costly to Americans than a $5 billion wall.

“They could not be further from the truth,” Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft contended. “Actually, the illegal alien financial burden, per year, in the United States is $155 billion.”

The astronomical cost of absorbing the expenses of illegal aliens would be even larger if other factors were included.

“That number does not count externals such as: 1) American jobs lost; 2) commerce affected by remittances to Mexico; 3) Health crisis due to illegal drugs trafficked into our streets and; 4) American deaths due to the illegal drugs in America today,” Hoft stressed.

In the face of Pelosi’s and Schumer’s argument, it is impressed that spending a mere $5 billion on the border wall would reap dividends 20 times over.

“Building the wall – no matter who pays for it – IS Mexico paying for the wall, because we’d save nearly 100 billion dollars each year,” Hoft concluded.

The numbers presented by Hoft were taken from a Federation for American Immigration Reforms (FAIR) report published last year that highlighted the detrimental effects of illegal immigration.
Breaking it down, FAIR indicated that the $155 billion drain on taxpayers amounts to Americans shelling out $8,000 per illegal immigrant and dependent every year. (Read more.)

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