Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas in the Time of Richard III

From Myths, Legends, Books and Coffee Pots:
King Richard III spent such a brief time on the throne that it can be difficult to separate out his reign from those of the kings before and after him. In terms of typical celebrations in the 1480s, this ‘Christmas in the time of ....’ could be as much about festivities under his predecessor Edward IV or Henry VII. However, some details about the way Richard himself kept the Christmas season have come down to us through the centuries. This is particularly the case with his final Christmas, that of 1484, owing to the waspish words of a chronicler, who was likely writing some time after Richard’s defeat at Bosworth ... and taking the opportunity to view that time in hindsight and make the dead king’s actions blameworthy for what would come later. (Read more.)

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