Saturday, September 29, 2018

There Is Hope

From The American Spectator:
Melania, do not be intimidated by the many books about fascism that somehow manage to bring your husband into it, or they bring him into their tirades about environmental catastrophe or more recently about plastic straws. Remember the huge crowds that still turn out for his amusing speeches, and forget not that woman I met in New Jersey who proudly named her kitty Melania. If people like her turn out at the polls this November your husband will continue his Americanization of America, which means that prosperity will continue to spread. The national security will be enhanced, and The Political Party That Is Never Wrong will remain out of power and, of course, Wrong. They and their followers will continue to read ill-informed books about their political fantasies. They will warn us about thugs who wore Brown Shirts or Black Shirts in faraway countries long ago even as their more dedicated activists such as James Hodgkinson open fire on Republican congressmen and almost kill Steve Scalise.

It is amazing how far The Political Party That Is Never Wrong has veered from what were once sensible political norms. Those norms remain the norms of the Republican Party. For the Democratic Party — the party of rising socialism and $3,500 ensembles (that is the way Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrats’ New Hope, attired herself recently for a photo shoot) — such norms are passé. (Read more.)

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