Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Transformative Power of Good Design

From Chartreuse and Company:
Some houses have an obvious flow.  They seem to just tell you where to place the sofa, the dining table.  Others, especially period houses, are more demanding.  It’s in these challenges that solid vision and design can really strut their stuff. Check out the before and after of this adorable home in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  It’s such a fabulous location (walking distance to shops and restaurants, a stone’s throw from Hood College and Baker Park – the IT location in Frederick), but languished on the market as potential buyers struggled to grasp how to live in this charming home. Enter Angelique Hoffman, staging designer extroidinaire.  Angelique could feel the the mood the house wanted, and with the help of some cool vintage pieces of her own,  as well as finds from Vintage Mid-Century of Frederick and Chartreuse & co, she’s pulled off a facelift, giving this house new life. (Read more.)

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