Monday, September 10, 2018

A Shadow Party?

From The Epoch Times:
In 2006, New York Times Best best-selling author David Horowitz wrote an explosive book on “The Shadow Party” detailing how billionaire George Soros and radicals from the 1960s took over the Democratic Party, according to evidence he obtained with co-writer Richard Poe—also a New York Times-bestselling author. Now, more than a decade later, Soros’s influence has become increasingly visible in today’s Democratic Party. Horowitz explained in an interview with The Epoch Times how the party has changed completely from its roots.

“Because the left has always dominated the cultural institutions, people don’t even know what communism is anymore,” he said. “But that’s what the Democratic Party is: the redistribution of their racist ideology called ‘identity politics,’ where the first thing you want to know about people is the color of their skin, or their gender, or their sexual orientation. Everything else is secondary.” Horowitz said Soros gets a sense of “fake virtue” from political manipulation, his version of “saving the world.”

Last year Soros transferred nearly $18 billion of his fortune to his Open Society Foundations, making it one of the world’s largest organizations for political activism. Horowitz said that funding from Soros’s foundations shape much of the culture in today’s American society, but the end goal behind it is much more sinister. “I’m a former radical so I know how sinister and evil and malevolent the left is,” he said. The true agenda behind Soros and the “Shadow Party” Horowitz said, is to “make America a one-party state and to silence people like myself.”

“[Soros] put together a coalition like the Working Party, and then he has things like the Democracy Alliance, which is a $50 million operation where he funnels money into Democratic candidates,” Horowitz said. “He’s very obsessed with Secretaries of State because they control the election process.”

“He owns the Democratic Party, [through] his networks,” Horowitz said, adding that “it really would be impossible for any democratic congressman or woman to run for office—even an incumbent—and get elected without the support of the Soros network.” He said the foundations infiltrate into every sector of society. “The so-called philanthropic foundations, it’s a cultural machine—writers, awards… This leftist coalition has a stranglehold on all these things.” (Read more.)

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