Sunday, August 5, 2018

Build the Wall

From The Stream:
We must face facts. Mexico is quickly becoming a failed state, like Libya or Somalia. It has just elected a president for whom the best case scenario is that he will use brutal, Castro-style means to gain control of the country. The more likely outcome is that he will fail. That the cartels will continue to run the place — perhaps in a de facto coalition with Obrador. They’ll unite to fight their common enemy: the U.S. Border Patrol. With leftists leaking the names and addresses of these brave professionals — and a Homeland Security official in D.C. finding a decapitated animal burned on his front doorstep — expect more Border Patrol agents to die. Along with their families. That’s how the cartels roll.

What does all of this mean? That building a wall on our southern border will soon be a military emergency. President Trump should bypass the Swamp on Capitol Hill. He should declare a state of emergency on the border, and plant military bases at the main crossing points into the U.S. Then use Defense Department funding, eminent domain, and whatever else it takes, to cut off illegal entry into the U.S. from the south. (Read more.)

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