Monday, July 9, 2018

Don John Unmasks the Prince of Orange

From Nobility:
Faithful to the policy of peace which had been enjoined on him, D. John wished to confer with Orange, and sent the Duke of Arschot to tell him that the Provinces of Holland and Zeeland were the only two which had not signed the “Perpetual Edict,” and as they were under his command D. John confided this task to him. Orange then threw off that mask, which had gained for him the surname of “Silent,” and with which he had covered his ambitions and mischievous designs, and answered Arschot that Holland and Zeeland would never sign the “Perpetual Edict,” as both these provinces were Calvinistic and neither would promise to keep the Roman faith, and taking off his hat and showing his bald head, he said to the Duke, with a smile, “You see my head is bald (calva)! Then know that it is not more so than my heart.” This play upon words signified that the traitor meant he was also a Calvinist, and his apostasy being now known, all hopes of agreement were at an end. (Read more.)

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