Saturday, July 14, 2018

Assassination of Marat

From The Daily Telegraph:
Marat, born in Boudry, Switzerland in 1743, had been a well-known doctor, specialising in skin and eye conditions, in London where he published research papers in the 1770s. In 1777 he was appointed as physician to guards of the comte d’Artois, later Charles X, youngest brother of Louis XVI, and also called to consult at the Palace of Versailles. After failing to be appointed to the French Academy of Sciences, Marat quit his medical post to publish articles pleading for the drafting of a liberal constitution when the States General met in June 1789, the first since 1614.

In September 1789 he published a daily newspaper, Le Publiciste Parisian, later changing the name to L’Ami du peuple, or the people’s friend. Forced to flee to London in late 1789 because of his virulent attacks on royalty, he returned in May 1790 to condemn monarchy, government and the aristocracy in his newspaper. (Read more.)

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