Wednesday, July 4, 2018

America’s Peculiar Institutions: Slavery and Abortion

From Townhall:
Anti-abolitionists once called slavery America’s “peculiar institution” as a euphemism to shield the American public from a true understanding of its diabolical nature. Similarly, abortion activists use language like “choice” and “women’s health” to avoid deep moral questions about whether an unborn child should have the right to life. While many might blanch at such a striking comparison, the reality is that the similarities between our tragic legacy of slavery and our continued government-sanctioned support for abortion aren’t all that different.

As a rule of thumb, Westerners tend to avoid any attempt to compare today’s issues with the atrocities of human chattel slavery. In 2012, then-Vice President Joe Biden lashed out to an audience of African Americans, claiming that his Republican opponents were trying “To put you all back in chains.” Uproar emanated from commentators at the thought that a public leader would create a modern parity to slavery. Maybe the momentary outcry was well-placed. But it is naive to think that today’s society is so progressed as to be immune from moral lapses on par with chattel slavery.

Indeed, America has heartbreakingly embraced a new “peculiar institution” -- taxpayer-funded, on-demand abortion. Abortion today is Slavery 2.0. (Read more.)

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