Thursday, June 7, 2018

Prague’s Café Mozart

 From Prague Post:
The Café Mozart in Prague is described by the Grand Hotel as being the only place where “the twelve apostles will wish you for breakfast a good morning,” because of the Café’s unique first-floor view onto the magnificent fifteenth-century Astronomical Clock on the south wall of Prague’s Old Town Hall. It is a claim not unlike the caption for the image in the seminal photographic book, “Praha” by Jiri & Ivan Dolezal, taken looking down from the Tower of the Old Town Hall onto the gathered crowds below: “Waiting for the Apostles.” The Café Mozart plays recordings of Mozart’s music, houses a unique collection of French clocks and Meissen porcelain and offers homemade cakes, even Mozart tortes, in the shape of spinets and pianos. The Café seats eighty on two levels and holds regular concerts of classical and jazz music, with a four-course menu. With a touch of charm, the extensive range of coffees have names such as ‘Coffee Idomeneo,’ ‘Coffee Figaro,’ ‘Coffee Papagena’ and of course, ‘Coffee Mozart,’ the latter of which is 7g lungo coffee, served together with a Mozart ball. (Read more.)

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