Saturday, May 19, 2018

Trump, Alinsky, and Catholics

From Church Militant:
Of all the Left's criticism of President Trump, the one that is perhaps the most revealing is "He's not very presidential." They go on about his tweets and brash language and street-fighter demeanor and his calling them out and their media allies. But he's not polite or statesman-like or diplomatic or genteel enough for them. That's true. And the reason he isn't is because that sort of political posturing and style gets political conservatism nowhere.

The Left never abides by those rules of engagement but throws out the double standard that conservatives must always conduct themselves in such a manner. The Left employs a style of political and cultural combat that conservatives don't do with. They understand the battle and how to win it, much more than conservatives do — and then along came Trump.

The Left has largely conducted themselves according to the "Bible" prepared for them by Saul Alinsky, his blueprint book, Rules for Radicals, which he dedicated to Lucifer. Trump has essentially been taking a page from Alinsky's book and playing by those rules, but in this case, it's the Left that's getting smacked by them. Trump had the insight to understand that whatever philosophy controls the media controls the whole shooting match. Knowledge is king, and whoever controls knowledge and its dissemination wins the game. That's why the Nazis had a massive propaganda agency headed up by Joseph Goebbels, and the Bolsheviks immediately grabbed control of the newspapers.

Trump stepped onto the political and cultural stage just at the right moment in history, and frankly only he could have been the man to do so. The death grip the leftist mainstream media had on information was for a brief moment relaxed owing to the internet. They had become so accustomed to having control that they had grown lazy and did not sense the great cultural shift happening under their feet. Political and theological conservatives had seized the moment while the Left had fallen asleep, and they made the most of it.

Trump understood the moment as well. He knew it would be a narrow window of opportunity and he seized it. In copying Alinsky's methods, he did exactly what the Left had done to political conservatives and faithful Catholics for decades. He isolated the leftist media, demonized them which they deserved because, as Fr. John Hardon said, they are the Luciferian media. He gave them back exactly what they deserved, and after isolating them he went on to the next Alinsky tactic — he mocked them. He ridiculed them. Again, they are deserving of every bit of it. CNN is now seen, again rightly, as fake news. Trump's street style was exactly what the political conservative movement needed. He's not the guy you want as an enemy if you are up to anything untoward which, let's admit, the Left is always about — one of the ruling elite's own used their methods on them and has brought the Left to its knees. Only in America, right? (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

The Left Wing press is so caught up with accommodating the 'Resistance' that they miss, or are too stupid to see, that Trump manipulates them and diverts them the way one would throw a ball or yarn out to a kitten. They go scrambling after inane news items which only makes them appear inane themselves.