Thursday, May 31, 2018

The History of Terracotta

 From Homes and Antiques:
Over time, some home fashions come and go as trends evolve, but there is one remarkable yet ‘everyday’ material that is far too beautiful, affordable and useful to be forgotten for long: terracotta. From classical sculptures to modern, minimalist pendant lights – the enduring appeal of this humble substance appears to know no bounds. Countless designers and makers have embraced the fiery orange-hued clay of late. While trend-setting Danish brand Bloomingville has a new tableware collection featuring part-glazed terracotta pieces, up-and-coming designers such as Nick Fraser are creating contemporary products with this ancient material. Royal Doulton has just launched its new ‘Olio’ collection, which features terracotta pieces inspired by the salt-glazed clay pipes the firm once manufactured, and paint brand Valspar has also announced that ‘terracotta’ is a key colour for 2017. (Read more.)

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