Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Blantyre Estate

 From Victoria:
Elegant gardens and endless velvety green lawns lead the way to rich décor in this enchanting Tudor-style mansion, setting the stage for the ultimate luxury experience. The Blantyre Estate, reminiscent of the bold mountains and lush landscapes of Scotland and tucked into the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, provides the loveliest of scenery for guests to enjoy. Return to a bygone era, where superior service, heavenly cuisine, and exquisite décor envelop your every sense. The romantic European ambience of the Blantyre Estate’s luxury country house hotel is an experience you will not soon forget. When Robert Paterson acquired the 220-acre property in the late 1890s, he had a vision to build nothing less than a castle—complete with towers, turrets, and gargoyles—modeled after his mother’s ancestral home in Blantyre, Scotland. Construction began in 1901, oftentimes with more than three hundred people working to complete the structure. Unfortunately, decades of economic setbacks and ownership transitions took their toll. By the 1970s, the property had been abandoned. But in 1980, Ann Fitzpatrick Brown became the eighth owner and set about restoring the estate to its premier splendor. Today, the Blantyre radiates a serene nineteenth-century aura with a stunning collection of vintage antique furnishings and rich textiles. (Read more.)

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