Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Freud, His Doctrine and Errors

From TFP:
A brief synthesis of psychoanalysis and its errors will show Freud’s true knowledge. The psychoanalyst’s doctrine is not entirely devoid of truth, nor are its correct principles original. Yet his doctrine is original in exaggerated applications and dangerous abstractions, and often falls into errors and contradictions. Fundamentally Freud’s doctrine is based on the existence of the subconscious and on its absorption of all psychic life. The first foundation is correct, the second, erroneous. In fact, the existence of the subconscious is indisputable. However, while not ceasing to influence consciousness, the subconscious is not the overwhelming factor of psychic life. In the subconscious, or rather in the unconscious, Freud discovers instincts and complexes—systems of tendencies grouped in a certain direction, in more or less close associations—that explain the whole dynamism of our activity. According to Freud, frustrated acts, unconscious acts, and dreams demonstrate the existence of the subconscious and constitute the elements of our psychic energy. (Read more.)

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