Friday, March 2, 2018

Support for Mothers on Campus

From Live Action:
Jarquita Arrington is an MBA student at Savannah State University and she is also, like many women on campus, a mother. She scheduled her classes for times when she knew her husband would be home, but she worried when her husband had to work late on what was to be her first day of class. With no other option for someone to care for the children, Arrington decided to email her professor, who ended up going above and beyond to help. “Ohh, it’s the first day of class. I can’t miss class,” said Arrington in a video for Stitch. “So I immediately reached out to Dr. Setliff via email.”

Dr. Rebecca Setliff understood the situation and allowed Arrington to bring her seven-month-old son Panda to class with her. During class, when Panda began making baby noises and distracting his mother, Setliff asked if she could take the baby to try and quiet him down. (Read more.)

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