Monday, February 12, 2018

Pink Teas

 Pink Teas are an old Southern tradition where the color pink figures highly in the decor. From Southern Lady:
For Valentine’s Day—or any reason at all—gather your girlfriends for an afternoon of glamour and delight. Shades of pink and cream set the tone for this frilly affair, and a mix of vases holding single flower varieties double as centerpieces and party favors. Platters of Strawberry Sandwiches and artfully arranged Cobb Salad offer guests a light snack without detracting from the main event—dessert! Variety ensures there’s something for everyone, from Glazed Sweetheart Cookies to Almond Custard Tarts and Chocolate Truffles. Our Creamy Lemon Cheesecake becomes a showpiece amid the spread of sweets. (Read more.)
From Southern Living:
"People like to feel cozy, so too big of a space isn't good," Danielle says. "It's better to have more people in a smaller space." To keep your guests circulating, set up separate tables for food and drink. "I like to do two food tables: one for tea and sweets and one for savory appetizers. Be sure to set the tone for your party with a beautiful bar. It's like a tour guide with an umbrella—guests always start there." (Read more.)
 Pink Teas became politicized around the turn of the last century, HERE. Share

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