Thursday, February 15, 2018

Marie-Antoinette at Oxford

A discussion on Amazon has been brought to my attention, HERE. It is about whether or not my books Trianon and Madame Royale are truly at the Bodleian and whether or not any academics have ever "examined" my books. I must respectfully cite my friend, author and historian Gareth Russell, who shared with me that he referred to my novel Trianon in his dissertation at Oxford University a few years ago. Gareth is the author of several books and plays, including the recent acclaimed biography of Catherine Howard, Young and Damned and Fair. Gareth also is the one who told me that both Trianon and Madame Royale are to be found at Bodleian Libraries at Oxford. HERE are excerpts from his dissertation which he gave me permission to publish.

I was also more surprised than anyone else to find Trianon mentioned in a work about mother and daughter relationships, HERE. I have no idea why but I am glad the book was found useful. I discovered Madame Royale mentioned in Russia and Europe in the Nineteenth Century by Roy Bolton and Grigory Goldovsky, HERE, which is an honor indeed. So I just wanted to clarify the matter for those who think my novels belong with the Harlequins that there exist scholars who have thought otherwise. But honestly, I know of few other historical fiction novels that have undergone such scrutiny and treated as if they were post-graduate theses. Share

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