Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Science of God

 From Return to Order:
How different is the science of God to the science of men. In her sublime purity, Our Blessed Mother was made fertile. The words of the virgin Saint John the Baptist were tremendously fruitful in preparing the Chosen People for their Redeemer. The blessed words of the chaste evangelist are still repeated until our days. If you consider the works of men to be their children, as Saint Benedict taught, we can see how fruitful the celibacy of the priesthood has been. Due to the apostolic zeal of chaste priests throughout the centuries, the Church’s children past and present number in the billions. However, Our Lord also demanded chastity of all people. For those who are not married, He demanded purity of both mind and body. Within the chaste and holy bonds of matrimony, Our Divine Savior safeguards the chastity of the couple by demanding absolute fidelity among spouses. (Read more.)

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