Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Albania And Greece Make Historic Agreement

From Tzarizm:
On Saturday, 11 November, discussions between Albanian Foreign Minister Bushati and his Greek counterpart Kotzias, were held on Kreta island. The meeting to solve pending bilateral issues seems to have produced good results. Talks were centered on the problems of the Greek minority in Albania and other important topics, such as the Yonian Sea Agreement, and the Law of War between the two countries.

Greece has accepted that the part of the Ionian sea they acquired under the 2009 agreement was illegal. Albania lost sovereignty on part of its territory. The agreement prescribed that a part of the Albanian Ionian Sea would pass to Greek control. At that time, there was lots of debate between the Albanian government that signed the document, and the opposition and civil society on the other side, who called the procedure a clear betrayal of the interests of Albania. (Read more.)

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